Jonathan’s Critics Lack Home Training, Good Manners – Sarah Jubril


President Goodluck Jonathan’s Special Adviser on Ethics and Values, Mrs. Sarah Jibril, has described critics of the president as lacking home training, good manner and ethical maturity.

Jibril, a former presidential candidate, was speaking with journalists at a roundtable on cultural diplomacy in Nigeria and Africa, organised by her office in Abuja on Tuesday.

According to her, “insulting the President is a bad definition of politics”.

She added that “It (insulting the President) boils down to philosophical bankruptcy or ignorance. It is a matter of personal ego for people to criticise rather than make contributions. It is the responsibility of the government to re-educate them.

“I appreciate that Mr. President is not responding to every insult that is coming up. Our business in government is to tolerantly, patiently and lovingly continue to educate people by explaining what we are trying to do.

“Insulting the President is a bad definition of politics. There is a way you can raise observations.

“But I think they would have much more human civilisation input, that you are talking to a person you voted for and you have avenue of advice but you take it personally to insult the President of the Federal Republic of your country. It means that person is showing lack of home training, good manner and ethical maturity”, she stressed.

The presidential aide described ethics and values as cornerstones of national unity and expressed optimism that despite Nigeria’s diversity, the nation would not break up.

She also noted that Nigerians deserved commendations for living together for 100 years without breaking up.

Jibril also implored Nigerians to be ready to redefine their civilization and urged members of the violent Islamic sect, Boko Haram and militants in the Niger Delta to embrace peace.

“Our children in the Niger Delta and Boko Haram areas, if they do not stop it, they are creating a chaotic dysfunctional society,” she added.

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