We Did Not Shut Out Or Endorse Any Candidate For PDP Chairmanship- Southwest BoT


The South West Zonal Executive takes serious cognizance of the purported endorsement of some aspirants to the office of the National Chairman of our Party and wishes to state very firmly that the Executive dissociates itself from that action outrightly.

We equally wish to underscore the fact that we detest this act of impunity and will not support any action that will infringe on the fundamental rights of any Party man to aspire to the highest position in the Party. In furtherance of this, we affirm that all those gentlemen from the South West that wish to contest for the position of the National Chairman of the Party are at liberty to continue to pursue their ambition without encumbrance or hindrance.

We also wish to respectfully declare that the said decision to shut out people from contesting the election is a mere personal decision of a few as many members of the BoT we have contacted on this score have firmly disassociated themselves from this action and even their absolute ignorance of any meeting called for that purpose.

We however declare that we remain in constant touch with Stakeholders in the South West who possess the legitimate right to proffer guidance and input required to position and promote the Party.

The issue of adopting a common position in the Party is a serious action that must take due cognizance of every tendency within the Party. The PDP is a peoples Party and not the personal estate of a few and this Executive will not stand by idly and allow anyone, no matter their privilege status, to impose their views or desires on the generality of the Party.

We therefore conclude that no one has been barred from pursuing their ambitions in any manner.

Dr Eddy Olafeso

National Vice Chairman PDP

South West

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