It is totally unfounded and criminal to say that the power equipment were obsolete. They were purchased from reputable manufacturers renowned for best practices in the sector. As we speak, some of the equipment are generating and had been generating power at the Governor’s office complex including the State Secretariat and the House of Assembly for an onward period of about three years (24/7 non-stop) and in some communities in the outskirts of Abeokuta precisely where Day Waterman College was located along Siun-Sagamu Road. So also is the fact that some of the equipment have been generating power at the legislators’ and Commissioners’ quarters as well as the Presidential Lodge without any hitch for the past three years. It has also been used to generate power for street lightnings within the city and it has proven to be in perfect order. It is just another way of hood winking the general public and painting the immediate past Administration in bad light. If really they are outdated, good reasoning should inform them to return them to the manufacturers and get new ones and that is if they are in any way obsolete which is not true. Since the employment of the equipment to generate power, it has never failed and this could be attested to by the general public especially those living or working in the areas mentioned. Saying they wanted to sell it out leaves much to be desired; it is sheer waste of State resources and another attempt to undo part of the legacies of Otunba Gbenga Daniel which has been the habitual practice of the present Administration.

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