Stop intimidating Sanusi, Kwankwaso warns Presidency



Kano State Governor, Engineer Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso has cautioned the Presidency to stop intimidating and embarrassing the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi.

Kwankwaso, who spoke with Sunday Sun, faulted the Presidency’s reported move to compel Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi to resign his appointment following the face-off that trailed the CBN governor’s letter to the Presidency detailing the non- remittance of trillions of naira by the NNPC.

He said: “I will not sit here and pretend that I am doing this job just for myself and my family. We are really concerned about our citizens in the state. I know Sanusi very well. He is somebody who is upright, who says it as it is. And these are the people that we need in this country. So I want them to understand that these guys, especially from Kano, are not from the jungle. They have our support. In any case, they did not even appoint him. He, Sanusi, has just few months. Why are you sacking him?”

He maintained that forcing Sanusi to resign would not have gone without implications, pointing out that if he had been compelled to resign, “the stock market would crumble, so may economic things would happen and it would affect everybody. This man has been there for some years and there is stability in terms of foreign exchange, interest rate, and so many things.”












Kwankwaso said that it was wrong to contemplate sacking the CBN governor, adding that on the contrary, he should be commended for highlighting an issue of such national importance.

He spoke further: “If you come here and say that there is a need to reconcile this and that, I would not see you as my enemy. I will see you as my friend. I will call you, while I am on the seat. I will say go there, sit down there and reconcile the figures and tell me. I don’t know when, “ go and reconcile” or “something is missing’ has become a crime. It should not be a crime. And then they are saying, “resign”. That is not how it should be. It is those people that could not reconcile their figures that should resign.”

Kwankwaso insisted that Mallam Sanusi has actually done the Presidency a favour by his letter given that his action offered the Presidency an opportunity to ensure that the said accounts were reconciled while the key officials concerned were still in office.

Kwankwaso recalled that he was faced with a similar situation in the administration of the state when somebody drew his attention to an alleged case of financial irregularity in the State Ministry of Higher Education.

The governor said he quickly investigated the allegation, discovered that there was really no case of misappropriation as alleged after the affected Commissioner provided a clear explanation to the allegation before the entire State Executive Council.

He said that he was very happy with the person who drew his attention to the discrepancy adding that he planned to send an official letter commending him for drawing his attention to the financial challenge.

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