Ebola: Zimbabwe hospital reopens after patient tests negative


A hospital that had been closed in the capital Harare last week over an Ebola scare was re-opened this week after the patient tested negative for the Ebola virus, an official said Thursday.

Harare Municipality director of health services Prosper Chonzi told Xinhua that the hospital was re-opened Wednesday and was now fully functional.

“We re-opened Wilkins Hospital after discharging the patient. This was after tests send to South Africa confirmed that she did not have Ebola,” he said.

When the hospital closed, its patients were transferred to other medical facilities in the capital. The hospital has been designated as an Ebola quarantine centre in Zimbabwe.

The closure fuelled speculation of Ebola detection in the country but health authorities reassured the nation not to panic, saying these were precautionary measures against the deadly virus that has killed more than 4,000 people since breaking out in West Africa in March this year.

Zimbabwe, therefore, remains Ebola free at the moment and Chonzi did not rule out the closure of the hospital again in the future once suspected cases were noted.

“If we get suspected cases in the future we will move patients to other hospitals,” he said.

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