Nigeria, 6 Others To Benefit From China’s Relief To Help Stem Ebola


Chinese government said Nigeria, Mali, Ghana, Benin, Guinea-Bissau, Cote D’Ivoire and Democratic Republic of the Congo are to benefit from Ebola relief materials.

Ministry of Commerce said on Monday in Hong Kong that it has sent a new round of relief materials to the seven African countries to help prevent the spread of Ebola.

It said the materials include protective clothing, protective goggles, sprayers and temperature monitors.

The ministry said the materials are expected to reach capitals of the benefitting countries before the end of October.

Meanwhile, President Xi Jinping said in the wake of Ebola outbreaks in West Africa in March, the Chinese government in April and August provided emergency humanitarian relief worth 5.57 million dollars to the affected countries.

He said on Sept. 12, it further decided to provide relief worth 40 million dollars to African countries and the international organisations.

Jinping also said on Friday that China would give another 82 million dollars in aid to Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and international organisations to fight Ebola

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