PDP elders at loggerheads with Akpabio


SOMe People’s Democratic Party elders and leaders in Akwa Ibom State, on Monday, drew the battle line against the state governor, Mr. Godswill Akpabio, for inciting the youths against them.

Akpabio had publicly declared during the 27th anniversary of the state that the elders were not useful, adding that if the youths followed them, they would be misdirected.

Akpabio had said, “As the youths of the state, you have a responsibility, the future belongs to you…..On this 27th anniversary, my challenge to you is not to look at the elders. They don’t have anything to offer you.”

The leader of the group and former Minister of Petroleum, Don Etiebet, described the comments as an incitement of the youths against the elders of the state.

He asked the youths not to listen to the governor’s call but to look up to the elders for inspiration, training, counselling, blessing and preparation to takeover from them in the future.

“We, therefore, use this opportunity to call on our youths to know that the future belongs to them but you need the elders for training, advice, direction, blessing and preparation to takeover tomorrow,” he said.

The ex-minister criticised Akpabio for lying against them and telling people that the elders had distanced themselves from his administration because he refused to share the resources and allocation of the state with them.

Etiebet, who challenged Akpabio to substantiate his allegation, emphasised that Akpabio decided to cook up such lies against them just because they advised him against extravagant expenditure.

He said, “We, the elders, have counselled him against extreme profligacy, arbitrary and non-budgetary spending, awards of contracts without due processes, lack of accountability in budget implementation, lack of information and transparencies on total receipts of revenues from all sources.”

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